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BATTERY MAINTENANCE -  Posted August 31, 2016

Sometimes you might think you know the problem in your vehicle, but you might not be right in most cases. In this video Stephan tells us the story if a customer asking for a new alternator when all she needed was just a belt replacement and battery maintenance.


Its important to know how your vehicle performs and here is a brief description of how your vehicle's battery is essential for all the "add-ons" and performance of your vehicle.

HEATER MALFUNCTION & REPAIR -  Posted January 31, 2016

If your car is not heating the interior properly, there could be several causes for this. The most common is low coolant, also the heater controls being sensitive and many more reasons.


Find out what Stephan tells us by watching our video.

Customer Testimonial -  Posted December 18, 2015

One of our customers was buying a used vehicle and before making the decision he wanted approval from our certified technician.


We offered a full inspection and gave him our best recommendations. It feels nice to have a trusted name in auto repair and even better have our customers say it for us.


Find out more in this testimonial video.

TRANSMISSION REPAIR -  Posted October 19, 2015

Transmissions are heavy duty pieces of equipment that are designed to last a long time. But like any other machine… they will eventually wear out and need repair.


If your transmission isn’t shifting as smoothly as it should, or if you suspect a transmission leak… let us take look at it… and ask if it’s time for a transmission service… regular maintenance and taking care of small leaks right away will help your transmission last as long as possible.



Tom explains to us how it works. Check out our video.

WHAT IS NAPA AUTOCARE CENTER -  Posted August 20, 2015

The NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty is a written warranty that covers parts and labor for 24 months/24,000 miles, honored at more than 14,000 AutoCare locations nationwide.


Stephan explains to us how it works. Check out our video.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL -  Posted July 20, 2015

Rick became a customer when he was recommended by a friend to bring his car in for a check-up before purchasing.
Watch our video to find out more about Jacksonville's most trusted auto repair shop


CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL -  Posted July 17, 2015

Jami, one of our customers who drives a Ford Fusion, was very nice to give us her opinion about our customer service.
Watch our video to find out more about Jacksonville's most trusted auto repair shop


EPC LIGHT & STABILITY CONTROL -  Posted January 12, 2015

The EPC light system warns drivers by sending codes to the dashboard. The codes indicate the system of the car facing a problem, but not a specific problem in the system. It indicates any faults with the traction control, throttle pedal, cruise control-, and throttle body. It can also show malfunctions and defects of the EPC. An additional sensor can be installed to find what specific problem a Volkswagen is facing when the EPC codes are displayed.


Tom tells us more about it.

SERPENTINE & TIMING BELTS -  Posted December 2, 2014

You know that long belt that snakes around the front of your engine? It’s called the Serpentine Belt. The belt is driven by the engine as it turns. It powers your alternator, Air Conditioning compressor, and power steering pump. On some vehicles it also runs the water pump, radiator fan, and power breaks.
The timing belt choreographs the timing of your combustion process. Your pistons travel up and down in the cylinder. In-take valves open at the right time to let in-air and fuel. They close at the right time to allow the fuel to burn and then the exhaust valves open at the right time to let out the exhaust.
Stephan tells us more about it.

A/C CHECK UP - Posted July 18, 2014

Tom explains many of the A/C components: Compressor, Belts, Condenser, Cooling Fans.
Also how they detect leaks and determine the pressure to make the right decisions  for the right Air Conditioning Repair.
The Federal Environmental Protection Agency regulates the type of refrigerant you can use in your air conditioner. Your Jacksonville service technicians are current on EPA rules for properly removing and disposing of used refrigerant, protecting the environment while keeping you cool. At Steward Automotive Repair Inc in Jacksonville we install quality NAPA replacement parts. Give us a call at 904.992.6868 and let us help keep you safely and economically on the road.

TUNE UP - Posted January 7, 2014

Tom, gives us a simplified version of what a vehicle's tune-up consists of.


Having your vehicle serviced and inspected periodically is a good way to extend its life and keep it operating efficiently. However, walking into a repair facility and asking for a tuneup is a bad idea because it indicates you're still living in the previous century and have extra money you would like to spend.

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL - Posted November 7, 2013

Jeff gave us his testimonial after he took his Honda Civic to out shop.


Watch our video to find out more about Jacksonville's most trusted auto repair shop


CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL - Posted November 7, 2013

Matt gave us his testimonial after he took his GMC Yukon to our shop.


Watch our video to find out more about Jacksonville's most trusted auto repair shop


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